Think Tanks

Rudkoŭski Piotr

  Position Academic Director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Alternative spelling Rudkouski Piotr,

Barnukova Kaciaryna

Position Research Fellow Alternative spelling Barnukova Katsiaryna, Bornukova Ekaterina Organization Belarusian Economic Research and Education

Kavalkin Uladzimir

Position Manager of The Price of Government project Alternative spelling Vladimir Kovalkin Organization Belarusian Institute

Aŭtuška-Sikorski Aliaksandr

Alternative spelling Aliaksandr Autushka-Sikorski, Alexander Avtushko-Sikorsky Position Analyst Organization Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Position

Mikita Bialiajeŭ

  Position Administrative director Alternative spelling Mikita Bialiayeu, Nikita Beliayev Organization Discussion and Analytical Society

Vadzim Smok

  Position Project coordinator Organization Ostrogorski Centre Career   Since 2012 – researcher at the

Kazakievič Andrej

Position Director at the Institute of Political Studies “Political Sphere” Alternative spelling Kazakevich Andrei, Kazakevich