Pikulik Aliaksiej

Position Former Academic Director of the Belarusian Institute for Strategic Studies Alternative spelling Aliaksei Pikulik,

Siniuk Kaciaryna

Position Head of the project Organization Online magazine "Imiony" Career She has been working in

Rudnik Vitaŭt

Position Chairman of the Board Alternative spelling Rudnik Vitovt Organization Centre "The Third Sector" Career

Paĺčys Eduard

Position website founder Alternative spelling Palchys Eduard, Palchis Eduard Organization Website 1863х.com Career He is

Hihin Vadzim Francavič

Position Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences Alternative spelling Hihin Vadzim Frantsavich,

Makajeŭ Aliaksandr

Position Co-chairman Alternative spelling Makayey Aliaksandr, Makaev Alexander Organization Solidarity movement "Razam" Career Civil activist.

Karahin Uladzimir Mikalajevič

Position Chairman Alternative spelling Koryagin Vladimir Organization Republican Confederation of Entrepreneurship Career While being a

Piatroŭski Piotra

Position Head Organization The Centre of Conservatism NOMOS Career Member of the editorial board of