Hurulioŭ Siarhiej Piatrovič

  Position Former Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee Alternative spelling Huruliou Siarhei Piatrovich Organization

Hurski Jury

Position Founder of the venture investment fund haxus.com Alternative spelling Hurski Yury, Gursky Yury Organization

Hryc Heorhi

Position Deputy Director Alternative spelling Grits Georgiy Organization The Centre of Systemic Analysis and Strategic

Hihin Vadzim Francavič

Position Dean of the Faculty of Philosophy and Social Sciences Alternative spelling Hihin Vadzim Frantsavich,

Husaraŭ Anatoĺ Mikalajevič

Position General Director of “Belavia” Alternative spelling Gusarov Anatoliy Nikolayevich, Husarau Anatol Mikalaevich Career He

Hubarevič Juryj Ivanavič

Position Chairman of the Movement for Freedom Alternative spelling Hubarevich Iury Ivanavich Organization Movement for

Hajdukievič Alieh

Position First Deputy Chairman Alternative spelling Haidukevich Aleh, Gaidukevich Oleg Organization The Liberal Democratic Party