Dziarnovič Alieh

  Position Senior Researcher at the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences

Dapkiunas Andrej

  Position Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alternative spelling Dapkiunas Andrei Organization The Ministry of

Dvihalioŭ Alieh

  Position Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee Alternative spelling Dvihaliou Aleh, Dvigalev Oleg Organization

Dziamidaŭ Aliaksandr

Position General Director of Naftan Alternative spelling Dziamidau Aliaksandr, Demidov Alexander Organization Naftan Career He

Dziemidovič Ivan Ivanavič

Position Former First Deputy Minister of Industry Alternative spelling Dzemidovich Ivan Ivanavich Organization Government of

Dzemčanka Michail

Position Director Alternative spelling Dzemchanka Mikhail, Demchenko Mikhail Organization AGAT control systems – managerial company

Dziermant Aliaksej

Position Member of the team of Citadel project Alternative spelling Dzermant Aliaksei, Dzermant Aleksei Organization

Dzmitry Babicki

Position Senior researcher at CASE Belarus Alternative spelling Dmitry Babitsky Organization CASE Belarus Career In