Prokopenya Victor

  Position CEO Alternative spelling Prakapenia Viktar Organization Exp (capital) Career   From 2006 to

Hurulioŭ Siarhiej Piatrovič

  Position Former Chairman of the State Military-Industrial Committee Alternative spelling Huruliou Siarhei Piatrovich Organization

Karpiak Uladzimir

  Position Aide to the President of the Republic of Belarus – Chief Inspector for

Vasilievič Natallia

  Position Director of the Centre “Ekumena” Alternative spelling Vasilevich Natallia, Vasilevich Natalya Organization Centre

Dziarnovič Alieh

  Position Senior Researcher at the Institute of History of the National Academy of Sciences

Korbut Mikalaj

  Position Aide to the President Alternative spelling Korbut Mikalai, Korbut Nikolai Organization Presidential Administration