Jahoraŭ Andrej Hienadzievič

  Position Director Alternative spelling Iahorau Andrei Genadievich, Egorov Andrei Organization Centre for European Transformation

Rusy Mikhail Ivanavich

Position Deputy Prime Minister of the Republic of Belarus Alternative spelling Rusyi Mikhail Ivanovich Organization

Izrailevich Arkadz

Position Businessman Alternative spelling Izrailevich Arkadiy Lvovich Career Arkadz Izrailevich is a co-owner of the

Zolatava Maryna

Position Editor in-chief of TUT.BY Alternative spelling Marina Yurievna Zolotova Organization TUT.BY Career Since 2004,

Žarko Vasiĺ Ivanavič

Position Former Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus Alternative spelling Zharko Vasil Ivanavich Organization Government of